Technogs understand the pain points of telcos. On one hand, telcos need to increase their revenues and expand their business, but on the other hand, they need to be on their toes to prevent fraud and data loss.

Another major thing is Regulatory compliance.

On the both these fronts, Techongs helps telcos.

Technogs helps organizations to be up to date on various threats and topics like:

o   What is sim boxing? How is it evolving? How is it eating into the margins of the companies and country?
o   Customer data leaks from telcos to international organization(s) that may be adversarial to national security concerns.
o   PRA to provide credits by telecom to inflate revenue both for inter-connect and roaming.
o   Cyber security issues like sim-jacking and SS7 signaling loopholes that can be used for pumping traffic.
o   Backdoor entry via chip level for the handset as well as telecom equipments.
o   Quality of service audit as per license.
o   Crypto mining via handset jacking.
o   API manipulation to hide information from regulators.
Technogs also provides services including but not limited to.
o   Custom-made software.
o   iOS & Android apps.
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