Telcos have to take care of Regulatory Compliance and need to have a framework with embedded intelligent tools that would prevent fraudsters and scammers from exploiting Mobile Money aspect of their business.


Technogs has been silently helping telcos on Mobile Money Assurance and helping them to get adequately equipped to get on top of this issue from the very beginning.


World over, telcos are being treated as cash cows for governments and are saddled with a great number of regulatory compliance parameters. Though one would wish these compliance regulations to simply vanish, that is not the case and this places a great onus, a great burden on telcos to comply with these regulations. In the event, these compliance regulations are not complied to, huge fines are levied on telcos.


Our team has vast experience in Revenue Assurance and Fraud Management, AML and CFT. We help telcos to manage the challenges of Fraud and Assurance in FinTech domain.


Our product iNSight offers broad functionality across various domains that are critical to mobile network operators, including Information Management, Business Assurance, Business System and E‑commerce.


This product presently has 31 iNSight installations across 11 countries on the African continent, managing 300 million subscribers’ event data processing 960 billion records a day for both the telecoms and mobile money operations of our customers.  We believe client satisfaction is paramount, and we are proud to say we have grown organically through close relationships and customer referrals.


By marrying our continental experience and our in-depth telecoms and mobile money knowledge with our best-in-class technology, we give our clients a competitive advantage that delivers an above-average return on their business assurance investment.