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The speed and growth of today’s new services introduces new risks to service provider revenue and increases the potential for fraud. Offerings have expanded to include video and media content, along with a multitude of new IoT and 5G services and new business models on the horizon.

TECHNOGS offers a holistic approach to revenue assurance through greater revenue visibility and the utilization of machine learning and robotic process automation (RPA) to improve business efficiencies and eliminate human errors. This is especially important as carriers continue to offer increasingly complex services in their evolution towards becoming digital service providers (DSPs).

Today’s networks offer mountains of data, but intelligent insights are harder to come by. Service providers need an end-to-end, umbrella view of their entire revenue chain to identify and recover revenue leakage and detect fraud at its source. Technogs Revenue Assurance solution provides the analytics and machine learning tools needed for detecting revenue leakage and fraud in today’s complex environments; delivering, protecting and maximizing the profitability of next-generation networks.

How can Technogs assist?

Our revenue assurance and fraud analytics, which are backed by more several years of telecom industry experience, assist you in finding patterns, spotting fraudulent actions and leakage regions, and providing actionable insights. Our offerings consist of:
1. Revenue assurance and analytics for fraud.
2. Services for evaluation and automation procedures for revenue assurance and digital fraud.
3. View our fraud prevention and control services for the telecoms industry.

Technogs goes by the philosophy that agility is essential for organizations undergoing digital transformation to adapt to a business and technological environment that is changing quickly. It is more important than ever to deliver on and surpass organizational expectations using a solid digital mindset supported by innovation.
Business excellence in the future will depend heavily on giving organizations the ability to feel, learn, respond, and evolve like a living body. That is exactly what Technogs with its comprehensive yet modular suite of services is doing.

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