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We comprehend that the key to growth is expansion and appropriate monetization of all revenue opportunities. However, in today’s world is crowded with fraudsters and scammers. That makes it imperative that we have in place, applicable checks and balances, plus enough safeguards to avert frauds from upsetting customers and service providers, in terms of both time and money.

Mobile Money Risks

1.Failure to safeguard customer funds.
2.Non-compliance with laws and regulation/AML
3.Data Breach/Cyber threat.
4.Failure to manage an effective agent network.
5.Non-Strategic Fit of Resources & Capabilities.
6.Adverse political and regulatory measures.
7.Major Financial Control Failure.
8.Damage to Company’s Brand Image due to a Technology infrastructure failure.
9.Failure to treat customers fairly.
10.Strategic Partner/Third party management Loss or Failure.

Fraud Revenue Assurance

Fraud Revenue Assurance Money System ‘iNSIGHT’ Comprehensive end-to-end solution for fraud management and Mobile Money assurance. Proven track record of less than 1 year ROI. INSIGHT is a strategic product that support the revenue

Mobile Money Standard Data Model (MMSDM) achieves

  • Maximum productivity and usability.
  • Minimizing the amount of resources.
  • Scalable and configurable.
  • Integrity of the mobile money environment.
  • Controls, rules, alerts and reconciliations.
  • Transaction monitoring functionality.
  • Powerful monitoring, alerting, reporting, query and dashboard functionality.

AML/CFT Controls

AML Transaction monitoring

Both Spamming and layering of money can be tracked and reported.

KYC manipulation

Alerts available for any KYC manipulation happening in the system.

CFT rules

Complex alerts for suspected bribery and corruption available

AML limit breaches

Daily, Weekly, Monthly and yearly transaction breach alerts / reports available

Cross Boarder Transaction monitoring

Both FX and limits monitoring for cross boarder transaction available


  1. iNSight is able to produce a daily report containing the high level rollup of the count and amount per service.
  2. Trend reports like B2B, B2C, B2A, A2A, deposit, withdrawals, bill payments, loan payment, loan overdue, Savings, saving liquidation, e-money to bank, ATM withdrawals, international money transfer, new users, dormant users, re-users, Agents turnover report, commission, revenue and cost.
  3. This report can be used to give the business a good level of confidence regarding the integrations within the mobile money domain before the need to drill down into discrepancies
  4. A daily RMATCH Statistics report is also generated to provide information on the number of discrepancies identified as well as the accuracy of the reconciliations performed by iNSight’s Integration Assurance module.
  5. This report can be customized and can be sent to email as per frequency agreed.

Our Partnership

In association with Prevoir Solutions Informatiques,

Technogs provides crticial services like AML, CFT, & Revenue Assurance – Fraud Prevention systems.

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